The Significance of Values in an Organization

When are values useful in organizations?

Values play an important role in the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations:

When they have the same meaning for all members of the organization (or at least for the majority).

When they are shared and are equally important for all.

When they are put into practice at all levels, particularly by leaders.

When they are remembered every day.

Values in organizations help their members:

Relate and function better, be better coordinated and better prepared in their planning, and achieve their goals efficiently.

Be more aware of their direction and of the organization’s short, medium and long term goals.

Be collectively more creative and effective in meeting their challenges and fulfilling their tactical or strategic needs, both specific and general.

Consequently, the members of an organization with shared values:

Feel more fulfilled as individuals and appreciate more their own behaviors.

Feel very satisfied being part of that community, and feel more identified and committed to the purposes of the organization.

Perform better, fulfill their specific responsibilities, and meet their professional commitments.

Make more individual contributions and are more creative, because through their actions they feel more fulfilled and satisfied as individuals.

An organization’s values are the pillars of its culture which, in turn, facilitates and assures the integration and growth of its members.

But the coherence of that culture, i.e. the degree of consistency between what its members say and do, is what determines the organization’s level of harmony and performance.

As you can see, it is very beneficial for any organization to invest time and effort in fostering a culture based on shared values that are expressed through the everyday behavior of its members.


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