The Significance of Values in an Organization

What are values for?

Values guide our behaviors; they are part of our identity as individuals, and guide our behaviors at home, at work, or any other area of our life.

They show us how to behave and how not to behave when we’re faced with desires or impulses, whether we’re alone or with others. 

They are like a compass that helps us behave consistently, regardless of the situation.

For example, when using public transportation, some people give their seat to a pregnant woman, and others don’t. The former believe in the value of courtesy and consideration towards others, whether they’re strangers or not.

Among those who don’t give up their seat we commonly find children (who haven’t yet acquired that value), or elderly people who give a greater value to their own need to be seated (correctly so), or people who just attach a greater value to their own comfort.

Thus, values are the foundation of our behaviors, and make us feel well about our own decisions.

When we act guided by our values, we are not concerned by what others will say. We act according to our convictions, regardless of whether others are observing us or not. 

When we truly believe that a set of behaviors constitute an essential cornerstone to life, we act accordingly, and don’t care what others say about it. 

When are committed to being honest, we don’t take what isn’t ours. We do so because we believe in respecting the property of others, not because we are being watched.

Values guide our actions and determine for us what’s good or bad. When we’re guided by values, we act without expecting anything in return, except personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

This satisfaction motivates us to espouse our principles and beliefs in all situations. It allows us to express a consistent personality, regardless of our mood or location. 

Some people are not kind to others because they think they will receive nothing in return.  Although they may be kind to the people they value (their children, students, employees or work mates), kindness per se is not a guiding principle in their life.

As parents, teachers, employers, or leaders, if we wish to foster certain principles and behaviors in others, we must practice those values consistently and through our behavior set an example.


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