The Significance of Values in an Organization

Using values: it’s your decision

Although we begin to define our values at an early age, and each one of us attributes particular significance to specific values, how to put them into practice is a personal decision.

You decide what attitude and what behavior you’ll assume in relationship to people, opportunities, difficulties or responsibilities, with varying levels of awareness. You decide to face them or avoid them.

When we want to establish a good relationship with other people, or want to be part of an organization, we decide to accept the values required for that relationship.

Even in an authoritarian organization, where values are imposed unilaterally, we also make the decision to accept them or not.

When we enter an organization or a community, we need to make an effort to get to know its values and their meaning. This allows us to regulate our behavior for the collective wellbeing, and to achieve a harmonious coexistence with others.

If we decide to be part of an organization with already established values, then we decided to accept them and implement them.

We can state that assuming the values of an organization we want to be a part of is an individual responsibility.  The implementation of those values shows our degree of commitment to that organization.

Although this sounds simple enough, in fact it’s difficult for organizations to get their members to share their values. In many cases this is rarely achieved.

Remember that when we speak of values, we mean principles and beliefs. So it is unlikely that we will follow something if we are not fully convinced of its importance or value. Can anyone force you to be convinced about it? 

We can follow orders correctly, even if we don’t agree with them. But using a value requires conviction, and this is your decision.

We all know that a job well done, backed by values, is superior to the one done just to follow an order.

You decide to implement your beliefs immediately. You decide not to postpone them.  You decide to act according to your principles, from personal conviction, and not because you’re being watched. You decide which attitudes are conducive to making you a member of an organization, and how you’ll behave.

This capacity to decide is the source of your fulfillment as a human being.


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