The Significance of Values in an Organization

Organizational values

Work has been a key element in the development of human beings, because it requires organization, planning, and effort.

Today, working and producing in coordination with others is an essential need, hence the emergence of organization in the work place.

Just as social life is framed within cultural values that allow for individual development, organizations also have their own culture. This culture must facilitate the integration and growth of its members, and its soundness is also proof of the soundness of the organization.

Organizational culture is the foundation of the identity and understanding of its members.  It allows us to appreciate and organize the different situations that arise to respond to them in an appropriate and coherent manner. It provides the capacity to act in a strategic and efficient manner.

When we talk about culture in an organization, we refer to specific behavior patterns that can be recognized, conveyed and appropriated. It is the set of values used to organize the relations between its members.

The culture of an organization isn’t present from the beginning; it is formed gradually, and is consolidated by the coherence and consistency between what its members say and do.  This is an essential condition for the culture, to be conveyed to new members and to preserve its principles. But to convey a value, one must possess it and implement it; its credibility depends on it.

How an organization functions, well or poorly, is determined by the strength of its values. These function as an operating system which shows us how to meet our needs, and allows us to assign them a priority.  They provide a common direction for all members, and establish guidelines for their daily commitments.

Values also inspire the purpose of each organization. The founders must be explicit about them from the beginning. In this way the value system of the company is best communicated, which in turn allows the existence of unified criteria that strengthen the interests of all.

The compatibility of personal values with organizational values leads to a high level of personal satisfaction with our work.  The objectives of the organization and those of its members acquire greater meaning and importance.

If both of these values stray from each other, the culture of the organization weakens and its members begin to scatter.


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