The Significance of Values in an Organization

A didactic text on values

In this pocket book you will find practical references on the benefits that can be obtained when we reflect, individually and collectively, upon values. It is a text with educational purposes.

We can face the value crisis in organizations if we approach the subject in a practical manner, emphasizing the definition of actions, behaviors, and expected attitudes.

We must be aware that when we refer to values, our actions are much more important than what we think or say.

Our behavior reflects our values better than our thoughts. For example, if we say that all team members are important and valuable, we’re contradicting our values if we disqualify the opinion of any of the members.

That person will feel devalued. His/her identity and commitment with the team will decrease. The other members will resent this, and the team will stop functioning.

For values to have more meaning in teams formed by people with common objectives, it is essential for members to share the explicit meaning of these values.

Our motivation is to help obtain a better understanding of organizational values, their purpose, and how to promote them in our daily activities.

An organization’s values must be made explicit for all members:

They must know them.
They must agree with their meaning.
They must understand the behaviors involved in expressing them.
They must implement them.

If these simple conditions aren’t met, an organization may end up professing very eloquent values in posters that look good on the wall, but have no clear, practical use for their members.

When the individuals in an organization “work” with the values that unite them, they achieve their objectives more efficiently and satisfactorily. They feel more united and motivated to be a part of the organization.

Working with values means making the necessary effort so that members of an organization agree on their practical meaning and implement them constantly.

But in order to work with values one must understand their importance (individually and collectively), their practical usefulness, the challenges they pose, and the way to promote them.

That’s what this book is about. Make the best of it, and enjoy it.


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