The Significance of Values in an Organization

An idea to work on values

Develop and refine your organization’s values with an open agenda. That is, draft a document that contains the behaviors and attitudes you want to see expressed by your group, with an example of how to implement each of the values of the organization.

It should be a document that can be updated and improved as the organization evolves, with the participation of its members.

In this way, you create the conditions necessary in order to “refresh” the practical meaning of those principles, and this will become an essential opportunity to strengthen commitment towards the values of the organization.

Creating a document with these characteristics also allows the creation of an essential identity so that values truly become the pillars of the organization’s culture. In this way the members of the organization won’t see values as just a simple list of beliefs they must adhere to, but rather a foundation which gives true meaning to being part of that organization.

Use the above mentioned universal organizational values as a starting point.  With them, you can start creating a list of desired behaviors according to the different situations that the organization must face.

This is a down-to-earth way of associating the practice of values with the daily life of each member of the organization, while at the same time structuring a practical “code of conduct” that resonates with people.

Your document can be created based on the outline that is presented in the next page.

It’s an example of how to outline a “code of conduct” that contains the meaning of values in terms of desired behaviors.

You can adapt it or formulate it differently, according to the requirements of your organization.  However, the result must be the same: A practical guide for team members, who also participate in its creation.

Communication is fundamental.

If we face a situation where there’s a lack of information about a project that’s being executed, the attitude and behaviors of our organization’s members should be the following:

1. Look for it. Ask.

2. Ask our peers and our bosses for help.

3. Don’t speculate about why we don’t have the information. 

4. Don’t start rumors.

5. Before judging, find out why there is a lack of information.


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