The Significance of Values in an Organization

About the author

Juan Carlos Jimenez is a Venezuelan advertiser and entrepreneur. Since 1990 is CEO of Cograf Comunicaciones (, but his proffesional expertise began in 1978 as a graphic designer. 

He's dedicated to topics such as brand identity, graphic production, marketing, advertising, Internet projects, and customer care as a culture.

He is partner and founder of several active companies. 

He has been invited professor of several Venezuelan universities on matters relating to corporative image and web marketing. And he has been a lecturer on national and international events.

Author of followings books: "" (""), 2000; and "" (""), 2006, and "E-mail at the workplace".

He has also published other works in the same format of this book: "The supreme art of customer service", "Take good care of me", and "Enjoy teamwork".

He's designer and facilitator of workshops on strategic planning, corporate communications, creativity, teamwork, change management and promoting values inside organizations.

Twitter: jucarjim


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The Significance of Values in an Organization has been published by Cograf Comunicaciones. ISBN 978-980-12-3779-2.
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