The Significance of Values in an Organization

A useful book for you, your family, your team and your company

When we listen carefully to conversations about values, we discover that people refer to them abstractly, as if they were not related to our daily actions.

It seems that we need to ask the following question more frequently: Are the values I verbally espouse in fact consistent with my behaviors and actions?

Experts on the subject have discovered that we need to pay close attention to this dichotomy, and achieve consistency between word and deed. Making values an integral part of our life requires as much dedication and persistence as going to the gym or caring for our health. However, for those who face the challenges and complexities of the contemporary workplace, it isn’t obvious how to keep in shape with respect to values.

In this book, Juan Carlos offers key tools to surf through values. In simple language, with specific examples, he shows us a concrete way to strengthen values in organizations.

We will discover that values affect areas such as competitive strategies, innovation processes, creating new services for clients, work relations, and investment decisions.

As we shall see, all decisions reflect a set of values. Values drive decision-making. Combined with praxis and talent, values enable us to deliver value to our clients.

These pages provide ideas to ponder, but also exercises and actions we can implement immediately to affect our surroundings: the company where we work, the community where we live, or the family where we belong.

Juan Carlos provides a fresh approach to remind us of our endless capacity for self- improvement, adopting and disseminating positive values, and for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


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